Code Enforcement

The Town employs a full time Code Enforcement Officer (CEO) who also serves as the town’s Local Plumbing Inspector.  From a customer service perspective, this is very important as it allows applicants for permits a one stop shop.  Having one person, housed in the Town Office, be responsible for this and for all enforcement is a very efficient process.

The town’s CEO is Robert L. Ellis, who began working for the Town in 1999 and who has many years of construction experience.

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The town administers a Shoreland Zoning Ordinance, a Subdivision Ordinance and a Letter of Intent Ordinance which requires a permit for any construction project in excess of $1,500.

The CEO is also responsible for staffing the Planning Board which meets monthly on the third Tuesday of every month.  Meetings are held at the Town Office beginning at 7:30 p.m.

Code Enforcement Office
P.O. Box 187
Oakland, Maine 04963

Hours: Monday thru Friday 8:30 A.M. – 4:30 P.M.

Phone: (207) 465-2842  Fax: (207) 465-9118

e-mail: Bob Ellis:


What are the property line setbacks for a structure?

15 feet from all sides, including the street right-of-way line.

What is the restriction for putting up a fence?

None.  We have no fence control ordinance.  It could go on the property line but we recommend 2′-3′ from that line.

I own a lot on the lake.  How far from the lake do I have to place my new home or camp?

The structure and septic system must be a minimum of 100 feet horizontal from the high water mark.